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Music colleagues and our love of sound

So you want to blow your audience away? So do we! That's why we share our knowledge and select the most suitable products to fit your setup perfectly and allow you to perform at your best. At Klundert Music, you'll hear the real deal. We'll tell you what to do best, but also what to avoid, because some instruments just don't fit some goals. We don't promise you that we have the holy grail, but we do promise that we'll do our utmost to help you in your search!

Klundert Music has been an established name in the landscape of musical instruments, audio and studio equipment since 1986. Based in Oisterwijk, we help our customers find the right gear for that one sound. We've been doing this for decades and with great pleasure!

Want to get a certain sound out of your guitar, create an innovative symphony or the best equipment for your studio? We've been there, we know what you're up against and how to get you ready to rock and satisfied.

Let's talk shop

When it comes to buying a new instrument, we believe very much in trying it ourselves. The physical experience makes all the difference. The internet is full of reviews and demos. These will certainly help you make your choice, but the physical experience, you can only find in the store. In our showroom in Oisterwijk you will find 1000 m2 full of musical instruments and sound equipment, inspiration and skilled people, each with their own taste and specialist knowledge. For the music pros we have outrageously beautiful limited editions and professional instruments. For beginning musicians, we have solid, low-priced, quality gear. Whoever we help, we love good sound, which is why we only work with professional A-brands. To prove that, we give you a High 5. That's a 5-year warranty on (almost) all instruments and equipment.

Good service from real gear nerds

We are your tone whisperers. You have a certain idea in your head and we help you realize it. That feeling you can only explain by showing it to the outside world. We are happy to help you in that quest. Because you don't have to tell us anything about gear acquisition syndrome, we have that too. That's why we know so much about our profession.

and why Klundert? Well, we're musicians ourselves and have decades of experience. We know what you're up against and how we can help you along. Whether you're playing serenades to your angry neighbor, rehearsing with the band or destroying a stage with your performance, we know what gear suits you. Let us surprise you with gadgets you weren't looking for and decide for yourself what you'll walk away with. Because the most expensive isn't always the best and some instruments or gadgets just connect extra finely.

Our selection is roughly divided into five categories: guitar & bass, drums, keys, studio and audio. Each with its own specialists. They know a lot, but together with you we know everything.
That's what makes it so much fun, for you and for us. And that Brabant sociability you get for free.

Come and visit us!

You are always welcome in our shop in Oisterwijk for advice, coffee or a good conversation about everything that has to do with music. We are waiting for you, our coffee is ready and you can park for free!

Would you rather stay home?

We'll miss you! But do you still want to ask us a question? Or advice on a product? Then you can always give us a call, send a message to our socials or request a free product consultation via email.

We'll respond as quickly as possible with appropriate advice from the eye of a fellow musician. Bring on those questions!

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