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  1. Buying a guitar online, is that wise?

    Buying a guitar online, is that wise?

    A scenario that horrifies the guitar purist, because you really MUST have had a guitar in your hands before you buy it AND compare it to other specimens. In contrast, there seems to be an ever-growing group of consumers who see no problem in simply "clicking away" a guitar. Our specialist Marijn discusses both sides in this blog.

  2. The Fascinating World of Synthesizers

    The Fascinating World of Synthesizers

    Synthesizers have been an essential tool in the world of electronic music for decades. They have a unique sound and offer endless possibilities for sound creation. In this blog, we dive deeper into the different types of synthesizers, how they work and their interesting history.

  3. Austrian Audio headphones, which one fits you best?

    Austrian Audio headphones, which one fits you best?

    Austrian Audio headphones are professional headphones, designed and made in Vienna, Austria. Which headphones are best for you? We explain that below.


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Are you a gear nerd just like us? Good! That means you have passion. They won't fool you talking about brands, different types of wood, resonance, studio techniques, tubes, you name it. The only thing more fun than talking to other gear nerds about your equipment is playing the instrument yourself.

At Klundert Music we are just like you. We share your passion. For everything you make sounds with, record with and use for performances. That is why we are proud of our products. What you find in the online shop is also in our physical shop. Brands and equipment that we support and of which we guarantee the quality.

We like to give you all the in's and out's. We do this in our "Brabantse" style. Serious, but with fun. But you might have already figured that out yourself. As people we aren't any different. We know that you prefer to hold and try an instrument before you buy it. Is there a click? Does it feel good in your hands? Is it what you expected? There is a good chance that this product will become your best friend and that's worth something.

Check the shop, make your choice and don't hesitate to drop by. So we can talk about types of wood, resonance, studio techniques, tubes and everything else. Or maybe not, maybe you just want to relax and enjoy our 1000 m2 with the best in guitar, drums, keys and studio equipment. When we combine our knowledge, we will certainly find what you are looking for.

Let's gear up!

The gear nerds from Klundert

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