High Five!

We don't like trickery. You like to know where you stand and you're right. That is why we give a big High Five on almost everything in the webshop, because we stand for our products. That's a 5-year warranty, with a minimum of small print and exceptions. (Incidentally, a warranty period of 3 months applies to used products)

The following products are excluded from our own warranty:

- Strings
- Drum / Drumsticks
- Batteries / Rechargeable batteries (incl. Rechargeable batteries)
- Drumheads and Cymbals
- Lamps
- Plectrums
- Flight cases
- Earpads and cables
- Software
- Potentiometers
- Liquids
- Tape
- Acoustic Foam / Foam
- Crossfaders

- Products that have damage as a result of improper use.
- Products with broken displays and screens.
- Products that are damaged as a result of poor packaging during transport to Klundert Music.
- Products with moisture or water damage.

Defective product within warranty period (no consumables)
This never happens, but should it happen that your product is defective within the warranty period, keep the following points in mind:

- We recommend that you use good packaging that is wrapped around the original packaging of the product, if possible. For example, use the box in which the product came. Also, do not put stickers on the original packaging and do not write on the original packaging.
- For all repair shipments within the warranty period where no defect has been found, we charge € 50 incl. VAT in research costs. That amount excludes shipping costs.
- If you do not agree with the quotation, you only have to pay the costs for the examination and shipping.

Refund of purchase amount
All credits that arise with a return shipment will be refunded within 5 working days after the day that the return shipment was processed. So after 15 working days from the date of sending / offering you have the money back in your bank account.