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Trade in? You can!

Want to trade something in? You can! Trading in your musical instrument or equipment at Klundert Music has many advantages.

When you trade in your instrument with us, you do so in a reliable place, we give honest advice, and you receive immediate compensation for your instrument. Give us a call or come by right away!

Trade-in in a safe and honest way, without fuss. We have been doing this since 1986!

Also online

Not able to come by to discuss your trade-in? Then you can make a proposal using photos. Hereby we would like to have:

  • Photos of the instrument from all angles
  • Photos of the serial number
  • Photos of any damage or signs of use

Mail your proposal to or send your proposal via WhatsApp to our landline number: 013-5288660

Trade proposal

In general we do not accept exchange proposals, i.e. one guitar for another guitar. But if you really have a special guitar you can try.

Before you make an exchange offer we ask you to think about the following things;

  • Consider whether your trade-in proposal is in proportion. For example, if your instrument is worth more than what you want to buy. Then it might be smarter to sell your instrument first and use the money to buy the new, cheaper instrument.
  • So are you looking for the top price when trading it in? Then try to sell it yourself first. If not, you can trade it in with us and we will sell it for you. Please note; we never pay extra or put money on an exchange proposal.

Trade-in proposal

We generally do not buy musical instruments.

Sometimes it happens that you may have a whole batch of musical instruments. Or maybe you want to part with instruments or equipment from someone who has stopped making music.

If this is the case then you can try by contacting Dennis and discussing a purchase offer:

Market and trade value

When you want to trade in something we make a price proposal on the trade value of the product. This is different from the market value. This is because we have to sell the product again and give a warranty on the product when it is sold. This involves costs for us so we have to take this into account.

What do we not exchange?

Note, sometimes we do not trade in. For trade-in we have a number of conditions and trade-in is always done in consultation with one of our employees.

  • Sometimes we make an exception for guitars, there are specific models that, depending on the condition, can be traded in.
  • Accessories, such as covers, cables and stands we do not trade in.
  • Computer related products, such as software and audio interfaces, we do not exchange.
  • Defective instruments and equipment will not be exchanged.
  • Instruments and equipment with excessive overdue maintenance will also not be exchanged.
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