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Dingwall laag, lager, laagst

With Dingwall as one of our "specialty-brands", we are very proud to be one of the few European dealers to represent the prestigious Canadian guitar company and so, we have a wide range of basses on stock at all times. With their unique concept and specialization on multiscale and extende range (5 strings and up) bassguitars, Dingwall has made a choice for a distinctive audience and above all, a certain use; Dingwall's are modern, superphat and offer the tightest low-end you can imagine.

Generally taken, there's a choice of two levels; "Ready to play" series (Combustion, Combustion NG en D-roc) are mainly produced in China and finalized at Dingwall's workshop in Canada, making them more affordable, but make no mistake as the workmanship and sound quality -especially considering the price point- is no less impressive as you'll find on the Customshop instruments.

If you're after Customshop, the sky is the limit! With an average leadtime of 1.5 year for a handbuild instrument, we always have very cool spec'ed out instruments on order with which we are sure we can offer a great choice. However, would you desire to fully spec-out your dream Dingwall; you can! And we can guide you through it perfectly!

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31 Items
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