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What is B-stock?

What is a B-stock product?
A product is B-stock if we simply cannot sell the product as a new one anymore. E.g. because the packaging is damaged or missing. Or we used the product as a demonstration model in our showroom. Or the article has some (light) traces of use. However, the product still functions fine and is in very good condition!

B-stock information is leading
On a product page of a B-stock article you can find additional B-stock information. This contains, for example, the characteristics of the article. Therefore always check the B-stock information. This information is leading at all times!
So always view the B-stock information and B-stock photos!

B-stock photos are leading
We often add extra photos to our B-stock products. This gives a good impression of the condition of the product and the (content of the) packaging:
"What you see is what you get." For example, you see:

Photo of original article
Photo of B-stock article with packaging (if applicable) and the contents present
Front or back photo of B-stock article
Photo of any damage on B-stock item (often the product is still in 100% new condition!)

Original packaging
Sometimes the packaging is somewhat damaged by packing and unpacking. That is why we specify - if applicable - the condition of the packaging:
Packaging in good condition: box is undamaged, at most some adhesive tape residue
Packaging damaged: box has some (small) dents, tears and / or holes
Packaging is missing: has been replaced by a 'Klundert Music' box

Can I also simply return a B-stock?
Yes, the 14-day "money back guarantee" also applies to a B-stock item.

Do I have a warranty on B-stock items?
Yes, our Klundert warranty period of 5 years also applies to B-stock items!

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